Manicure-Pedicure Parties for All Ages

Plan a Mani-Pedi Party with your favorite people. It's fun, relaxing, and easy to do.


Commemorating your birthday simply celebrates your life and all the wonderful roles you play as a: wife, mother, daughter, girlfriend, co-worker, or friend. Whether you are counting the years until you can drive, can legally rent a car, or retire every year you are a alive is another glorious year you have yet to die. Getting your nearest and dearest together for a simple service is just a nice way to celebrate, call for an appointment today at (916) 780-3555


If you want to do something nice for a friend or a family memeber and are thinking about what to get that person who has everything and never wants anything, a mani-pedi party or a gift certificate for a little pampering is a great gift, especially for those lovely ladies who are generous with their heart, time, and love
Anniversaries Incorporating a manicure-pedicure or even just a pedicure into the anniversary celebrations is a great and unexpected gift anyone would enjoy. It's seldom a guy will request a pedicure but we've never had any guys not like it after.